Winter is still here – L’hiver continue

Beaubien et St-Denis

I tried to convey the feeling of light in winter in this one. Not light on a blue sky day, but light on a white sky day where tones merge one into the other and shadows are not quite crisp. Where white shapes stand alone, lonely yet imposing. Where cars are bleached by the city’s dirty snow, yet where snow still struggles to stay white even when muddied and crushed. Where color plays second fiddle to tones and shapes. Winter snow in the city can be beautiful if one takes the time to look and forget the cold.

C’est la lumière qui est important dans tout tableau. La lumière hivernale est spécial. Il faut l’observer. Elle diffère lorsque le ciel est bleu. La clarté lors d’une journée ou le ciel est blanc n’est pas pareille. On resend les masses, les subtilités et surtout la tonalité au lieu de la couleur du sujet. Si on regarde attentivement la scène urbaine en hiver, elle est jolie même quand il fait froid.


About Raynald Murphy

Passionate plein air painter and sketcher. Watercolor being my favorite medium I also use various dry media to express myself.
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