Metro Station Sketch Challenge … Le défi du croquis au Métro

Metro Station ... Bouche de Métro

The difficulty in sketching a scene at or near a Metro Station from my car – directly, or sur le motif – is finding a parking spot from which to paint without getting a parking ticket. I enjoy the challenge. I think of it as a game. Some days I spend as much time spinning around a Metro Station as time painting it. Today was a case in point. I was permitted a ten minute parking limit.  I cheated the system a bit by moving my car back and forth from one spot to another every ten minutes to be on the safe side. Can you guess where I was painting this scene from?

Lorsque je dessine une scène en directe tout près d’une bouche de métro la difficulté est de trouver un stationnement propice sans recevoir une contravention. C’est un défi intéressant que j’accepte comme un jeu. Certaines fois je circule autour des rues autant que je dessine. Aujourd’hui ne faisait pas exception. J’étais alloué dix minutes de stationnement. Donc, j’ai bougé ma voiture aux dix minutes. Pouvez-vous devinez où j’étais?


About Raynald Murphy

Passionate plein air painter and sketcher. Watercolor being my favorite medium I also use various dry media to express myself.
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