Khaleesi the cat & Back lighting – Le chat Khaleesi et peindre le contre-jour

5 Khaleese the cat Jan 5
7 View fom window at back jan 7

Cat portraits – Those done life rather than from photos turn out quite different to a certain extent. Cats move unpredictably when awake. That is when you want to see their eyes. So, draw quickly and invent the rest. This is how I sketch my cat.

Portraits de chat – Ceux qui sont dessinés d’après nature different de ceux qui sont peints de photos d’une certaine façon. Le chat bougen sans avertissement surtout éveillé si on désire représenter ses yeux. Alors, dessinez la forme rapidement et inventez le reste tel j’ai peint celui-ci.

Back lighting – The second sketch attempts to capture the feel of backlighting at sunset from life in a sketch. This is one of the most difficult watercolor assignment in watercolor or in any medium for that matter. Sunsets come and go quickly so I try to fix in my mind a first impression and stick to it. Otherwise it is like a cat or a dog chasing one’s tail – useless. Another difficulty is that the value of the forms of the same intensity seem to merge to appear of the same hue or color. To nuance is the challenge. Back lighting flattens shapes so I think silhouette and contour. Whites contain hints of white. Technically speaking as regards watercolor: It is best to let dry the yellows before painting near or over this color as you will lose the light. Finally, I would give myself no more than a 7 on 10 for this attempt, if that. Painted on Moleskine 5 x 8 in.

Contre-jour – Le deuxième croquis est une tentative de peindre un couché de soleil en contre-jour. Ceci est un défi que ce soit le medium. Il faut le faire rapidement si en direct. Aussi, je suggère d’y aller avec sa première impression sinon ce sera la faillite. Il faut capter les nuances de tonalités et penser silhouette car le tout semble en aplat ici. Si vous le faites à l’aquarelle il faudrait, je crois, sécher le jaune avant d’y approcher avec d’autres tintes. Sinon vous perderez la lumière. Cela dit, je me donne pas plus que 7 sur 10 pour cette tentative format 13 x 20 cm. papier Moleskine aquarelle.


About Raynald Murphy

Passionate plein air painter and sketcher. Watercolor being my favorite medium I also use various dry media to express myself.
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