Roofs seen from Concordia’s Engineering and Computer Science Bldg

Waking up to a snow covered city Thursday February 28th I just had to go downtown to sketch and paint the contrasts created by mother nature. I knew that roofs would be blanked in white creating start contrasts with its surroundings. Getting off at Guy Metro station I wondered what the city would look like from a window on one of the top floors of Concordia’s Engineering and Computer Sciene building which is accessible directly from the underground Metro station. I took the elevator to the top floor. From there one could not get close to the windows but a spiral staircase led me down three floors to the 14th where a furnished seating lounge was set adjacent to a window giving onto the east side of Guy and the Molson School of Business, Concordia’s latest addition (2009).

20130228_132531From there I stood for about half an hour sketching in ink the scene below in my Moleskine 5 x 8 sketchbook the bones of the beautiful view. The facades of the buildings contrasted sharply against the snow-covered roofs making drawing the scene easier. Drawing a scene in perspective from such a high vantage point is tricky since the eye level is not at a customary point. Neverhteless, I somehow mangaged by starting my drawing with what was closest to me and lowest, that is, the former bank building at the corner of Guy and St-Catherine Streets.Rooftops seen from Concordia Building

In order to situate the scene in context, I indicated by the use of a thin vertical sliver of a rectangular shape the building across the street, the Molson School of Business. Once the drawing was done, I snapped a few photos on my phone, turned around and sat at a comfortable table in this mini lounge which was occupied by a sole student looking over her work. From there I added color from memory looking back at the scene once or twice to verify the intensity of the values. Before leaving, I took a few reference photos. A certain nostalgia came to me as I worked on this watercolor sketch scince I had studied and graduated from this University nearly fourty years ago! Much had changed since then because around the year I graduated in Fine Arts, Loyola and Sir George Williams University were just amalgamating to form Concordia University. I hoped this rendition would be a proper tribute to the academic venue where my passion for art initiated.



About Raynald Murphy

Passionate plein air painter and sketcher. Watercolor being my favorite medium I also use various dry media to express myself.
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