Rue vers l'église St-RochI sketched this scene on site last summer. Using a photo reference I added the color to the pen drawing in the studio. I painted the watercolor on a 9 x 12 in sheet of Strathmore Aquarius II paper. Starting with the church steeple I painted the shadow sides of all the buildings in blue/purple tones. The cast shadows wer then painted with the same mixture. Thes shapes gave me a good feeling of the the direction of the light, left to right, since I was not on site and I wished to portray the scene on a bright sunny day. The next step was to paint the sky. I dropped in a mixture of Cobalt Blue and Ceruleun Blue on the partly wet paper at the top and then varied in intensity the cloud shapes making sure to leave enough white leading to the steeple. Next, I painted the Burnt Sienna shapes including the building at right. Once this was dry I painted the tree forms one at a time altering between light and dark forms always making sure the lightest part of the tree was at left. It was important to maintain variety of color and intensity in the tree shapes. I was seeking contrast in order to bring sparkle and light to the the road leading to the church steeple. Once all the main washes had been laid in, I added detail in darks and blacks. Finally, I accentuated the value side of the vertical electrical poles to contrast with the strong horizontal cast shadows. Hopefully, the road welcomes viewers to enter into the image right up to and around the church.


About Raynald Murphy

Passionate plein air painter and sketcher. Watercolor being my favorite medium I also use various dry media to express myself.
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